eSoil: New Technology for the rapid growth of plant

Scientists at Stanford University, Stanford has recently published one research article in PNAS journal, claiming that they have developed a bioelectronic soil, the eSoil, that provides electrical stimulus on plants’ roots and their environment in hydroponics.

They showed that barley seedlings’ growth is accelerated due to increase of dry weight on average by 50% after 15 day of growth. which has immense application for barley green fodder supply for the livestock industry.

They told that electric stimulus increase the root & shoot growth due to more efficiently assimilation of NO3 

They mentioned that their work opens the pathway for using physical stimuli to enhance plant growth but also provides a platform to understand better plant responses to electric field.

You can see the complete research paper by using link: eSoil: A low-power bioelectronic growth scaffold that enhances crop seedling growth Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2023)

Photographs of research on eSoil

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